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    Back to basics

    Back to basics

    We admit, a simple coffee order has become somewhat confusing with an endless amount of options to choose from…. So let’s get back to basics.

    The most common types of coffee beans include Robusta and Arabica beans, grown around the world with many varieties.


    Commercially farmed, the Robusta bean is most commonly used in instant-coffee brands. Grown at a low altitude, this particular bean is most commonly found in countries like Vietnam, India, and Uganda. Robusta packs a punch, with 3 times the caffeine as Arabica… that’s a strong coffee! That being said, drinking a 100% Robusta espresso shot might not be the best option, unless you want to be jumping off the walls in a complete dizzy whirlpool. Robusta coffees are cheaper and perfect for an Italian coffee bean espresso crema, however down under in Australia, many are opting for an Arabica bean instead to avoid the potential taste of “burnt rubber”


    A species of plant in which most beans are currently derived, the Arabica bean is fragile and in need of particular degrees of moisture, sun, shade, and soil richness in order to grow. That being said, it has been named ‘princess’ of the coffee beans.  Grown at much higher altitudes, they have a much harder and dense texture along with higher acid; something Australians ‘froth’ over in their milk-based espresso beverages (lattes, cappuccino, and flat whites). There are a number of varieties, of Arabica, therefore it is capable of producing a wide taste range.

    Avoid the confusion, stick to the basics (we suggest Arabica bean) and go for a simple Latte, Espresso or Long Black. Dis-regard all the other stuff!

    Bean Voyage

    Bean Voyage

    Coffee is considered one of the most treasured drinks in the world and is seen as the second biggest commodity in the world behind petrol. Originating from Ethiopia, the coffee plant was found between 500-800 AD before being taken to Yemen and the rest, well the rest we know is history!

    So what are the top 8 coffee locations in the world you ask? Here you go!
    1. London
    There are few cities that are more iconic than London for a cup of coffee.
    Local order: Flat white or cappuccino.
    Top shops: Allpress, Nude Coffee Roastery, and Prufrock Coffee
    2. Melbourne
    Australians and coffee… it more than a beverage, it’s a culture.
    Local order: Latte.
    Top shops:  Axil Coffeehouse Roasters and Dead Man Espresso …St Remio of course!
    3. Iceland
    Scandinavians drink more coffee per head than anyone else, however with Iceland’s lack of coffee giants, smaller businesses have grown dramatically.
    Local order: Latte or cappuccino.
    Top shops: Kaffitar, Stofan and Kaffismidja
    4. Rome
    Coffee is an essential for Italians, however there is some resistance to adopt modern barista techniques. In saying this, Rome is the place to go for the perfect Italian espresso. 
    Local order: Espresso.
    Top shops: Rosati and Sant' Eustachi
    5. Singapore
    If you are looking for the instaworthy coffee art, Singapore is your hub.
    Local order: Latte, mocha or cappuccino.
    Top shops: Strangers' Reunion and Hardware 
    6. Seattle
    America isn’t known for its coffee, however Seattle definitely stands as the city ahead of the coffee game. The home of Starbucks and we all know how big Starbucks is!
    Local order: Espresso, cappuccino or a single-origin pour.
    Top shops: Victrola Coffee Roasters, Empire Espresso, and Seattle Coffee Works
    7. Vienna, Austria
    The scent of coffee has taken over the streets of Vienna and no one is complaining!
    Local order: Espresso or cappuccino in a new style cafe.
    Top shops: Caffe Couture, Essenti and Coffee Pirates.
    8. Wellington, New Zealand
    Flat White you say? Wellington’s unofficial national beverage and basic religion of a coffee order.
    Local order: Flat white.
    Top shops: Aunty Pegs, Hard Pressed Coffee and The Hangar.



























































    Bloating and digestion- The St Remio Remedy

    Bloating and digestion- The St Remio Remedy

    Have a little think for a moment back to when you last felt bloated…

    Let’s face it, we all get this feeling of discomfort and lethargy from time to time. So how can you battle your next slight stomach bulge?

    Introducing St Remio’s De-Bloat and Digest Teas.

    Whether it’s from overeating, the food choices, imbalance of stomach acids, or stress, being bloated is a dread for most. Although getting down to the root of the problem is essential. In the meantime, we are here to offer a relief for the pain you may be experiencing with two of our tea capsule blends.

    Digest Tea

    Assists with digestion using ingredients listed below

    • Star Anise: Aids stomach discomfort
    • Peppermint: Anti-bacterial and anti- inflammatory qualities
    • Orange balm: High in antioxidants, mild calming agent
    • Liquorice: Anti-inflammatory qualities
    • Verbena: Assists in strengthening digestive organs

    De-bloat Tea

    Promotes regularity and a flat stomach using ingredients listed below

    • Fennel: Promotes regularity, reduces bloating
    • Green Anise: Aids digestion and stomach discomfort
    • Coriander Fruit: Aids digestion, reduces bloating and stomach spasms
    • Cumin Seed: Reduces bloating and promotes fluid release.

    Add our blends to your daily ritual as a warm drink or create an ice tea concoction for those warmer days.

    Cup of Excellence

    Cup of Excellence

    What do you get when you have more than 300 entries and an average of 9,000 cups of coffee analysed? Well aside from a giant caffeine hangover, you get what is known as the Cup of Excellence.   

    Cup of Excellence is considered the most prestigious competition for high quality coffee. Each year thousands of coffees are submitted for judging with the intention to receive the winning prize of a global online auction of their coffee.

    Inside the specialty coffee industry, this three week, rigorous, cupping evaluation process scrutinises each cup of coffee. The process is split up across the weeks. First a National Jury of around a dozen qualified jurors from the origin country taste the coffee before being passed on to an International Jury, comprised of approximately 20-25 experienced jurors from around the world.

    The competition has pioneered a sense of trust, integrity and transparency for the coffee industry with each lot of entries being heavily documented and then assigned to a blind jury. In the specialty coffee industry, the cup of coffee ranked number 1 is regarded as the single best quality coffee in the country for that particular year, ultimately boosting the award-winning batches to achieve 50 times the market price at auction.

    For farmers, this is a life changing moment, providing them with support and positive reinforcement for the high quality work they do as well as a direct link to the international buying market.


    Sustainability- The new direction

    Sustainability- The new direction

    Sustainability- The new direction

    One thing is certain that these days we are much more aware and conscience about where everything is coming from and coffee is no exception.

    One thing we pride ourselves on is transparency and educating our customers about sourcing coffee that is sustainably farmed. Social Enterprises such as Sustainable Harvest do a wonderful job in educating farmers on the best and most efficient farming techniques to not only ensure they grow a consistent crop but learn how to farm sustainably to give the best outcomes. It is important to educate the next up-and-coming generation about the best techniques that work for the grower and the environment.

    Wonderful organisations like Sustainable Harvest are able to exist through generous donations and your support and belief in St Remio allows us to make donations to organisations like these that allow them to continue their work with the farmers in Rwanda.

    We are more than just great coffee, we are coffee with a conscience.

    One Bean. One Cup. One Community.