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    World Coffee Day – 1 October. Make your coffee count!

    World Coffee Day – 1 October. Make your coffee count!

    This World Coffee Day, we are launching a new initiative to raise even more funds for the female farming community of Cocagi, Rwanda. We will be donating an addition 50c from every box of compatible capsules sold at all Coles Stores nationally (from our new Nespresso®* compatible Industrial Compostable & biodegradable range, as well as our Express®* and Caffitaly ®* range) directly to support and empower the female farmers of Cocagi Femme.

    We will also be running this program on line for the day as well and alongside the 50c from all compatible capsules sold via our online store, we will also donate $1 from all beans and ground coffee to the cause as well.

    Each year, our aim will be to grow this program, get more of our retailers on board and make this a big additional fundraising day for the community on top of our committed project funds.

    Our aim at St Remio has always been to change the conversation and to make consumers think about where their coffee is from and impact their coffee has on the lives of others. It is their livelihoods, it is funding the next generation and we need to ensure that not only do the farmers earn what they should for their coffee crops, but that we invest in their development and empower them in business so they have greater access and reach to international markets.

    We enjoy coffee anyway, so why not try St Remio today and allow your purchase to have a positive impact on this community! Thank you for your support!

    Click here to purchase your coffee directly from our online store

    Say hello to our new Expressi®* and Caffitaly®* compatible blends!

    Say hello to our new Expressi®* and Caffitaly®* compatible blends!

    That’s right! We are excited to unveil three new flavours in our Caffitaly®* and Expressi®* compatible capsule range. Introducing (drumroll…)


    Intensity 9

    A strong creamy blend with flavour notes of milk chocolate and hazelnut. With a medium/dark roast St Remio BOLD is a great choice for those who enjoy a medium to strong coffee.  


    Intensity 11

    Sourced from the fields of RWANDA, this is our first single origin Expressi®* and Caffitaly®* compatible blend. This aromatic blend has notes of citrus, stone fruit and caramel. It is perfect for those who love a strong coffee.


    Intensity 13

     Our strongest coffee yet! This robust and full-bodied blend is dark roasted and has notes of fruit and berry. It is ideal for those love a very strong coffee!

    At St Remio we pride ourselves on being able to provide consumers with quality coffee at affordable prices. But more important than that we are dedicated to giving back to the coffee farming community and supporting coffee growers at the source is a big part of the St Remio ethos. By choose St Remio, you are allowing us to fund projects and support coffee growers – YOU are having an impact.  

    Available nationally from Coles Supermarkets and for just $3.75 why not try the St Remio different and be part of the change today…


    *Expressi® is a trademark of Aldi Foods Pty Ltd. K-fee® is a trademark of K-fee System GmbH. Caffitaly® is a trademark of Caffitaly System S.p.A. None of these companies nor their affiliates have manufactured, endorsed or are in any way associated with this product.