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    UTZ logo is changing to the new Rainforest Alliance logo. Time to follow the frog!

    UTZ logo is changing to the new Rainforest Alliance logo. Time to follow the frog!

    As you will have seen, last year we started our relationship with UTZ, ensuring that we sourced all our coffee from UTZ certified farms, providing greater traceability again to the consumer. Our packaging changed to show the UTZ logo, giving confidence to the consumer that the coffee was sustainably sourced and that we as a business ensured we paid a fair price to coffee growers.

    In 2018 the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ joined forces to build an alliance to create a better future for people and nature by making responsible business the new normal. That’s why you will see the new Rainforest Alliance certification seal on our products. Just like the UTZ label, the Rainforest Alliance seal stands for farmers and companies working towards a world where people and nature thrive in harmony. It represents the next step in sustainability and is a signal that St Remio is committed to never stop getting better at what we do. We want to be transparent about our progress and share the responsibility with farmers and others in the supply chain to reach this mission.

    Did you know the Rainforest Alliance seal features a frog for an important reason? As one of nature's super indicator species, the presence of the frog is a positive sign that a natural ecosystem is balanced and thriving. When we no longer see the frog, we know that the environment is compromised and other species within that ecosystem will soon suffer if we don’t do something urgently. That’s why we ask you to follow the frog. By buying St Remio Coffee with the frog seal you help contribute to better farming practices, fight against the climate crisis, conserve our forests, protect the human rights of farmers and workers, and improve their livelihoods.

    You will start to shortly see some of our packaging transitioning to the new Rainforest Logo and overtime our whole range will feature the new logo allowing you to #followthefrog and again be assured you are purchasing sustainable coffee. We are committed to sustainable coffee and we are committed to supporting farmers. That is the St Remio difference.

    To learn more about Rainforest Alliance visit

    Welcome to the brand new, St Remio funded, Cupping Lab in Rwanda!

    Welcome to the brand new, St Remio funded, Cupping Lab in Rwanda!

    This year at St Remio we have committed to fully fund the construction of a Cupping Lab for the female farmers of Twongere Umusaruro and we are super excited to see it taking shape! Sustainable Harvest has been our eyes on the ground, overseeing the construction of the lab which started in late December 2018 and is set to be finished within the next few days.

    So, what’s a cupping lab you may ask? Coffee cupping is the professional practice of observing both the tastes and the aromas of brewed coffee. By being able to roast and taste the coffee they grow onsite, it will allow them to understand the full process of the crop they harvest (as many don’t know how coffee is consumed), understand the flavour profile and grow a more consistent crop which will allow them to sell for a higher price to the international market.

    Later this month the new Cupping Lab will gain some great exposure when organisers of The African Fine Coffee Association (AFCA) conference will take attendees to tour the new facility. This is a wonderful opportunity that we ­hope will strengthen the coffee farming community of Twongere Umusaruro and give them greater visibility in the international market.

    We will continue to update you on the build of the facility that you, our customers, have funded! We will officially open the facility in June this year but until then, we will keep you updated via social media and our blog on the development.

    Thank you again for believing in St Remio and most importantly, being part of the change.


    Trent Knox
    Founder, St Remio