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    Now you can enjoy your daily caffeine fix with the ease and convenience of a pod, without the guilt. Using certified UTZ coffee, our capsules not only taste great, but also allow us to fund projects that empower coffee growing communities at origin. Now that's coffee with a conscience!

    Compostable & biodegradable coffee pods

    The entire St Remio capsule, including the lid, are both biodegradable and compostable. You don’t need to remove the lid, or separate the grounds from the capsule. The entire range is made from bio-based materials and hermetically sealed, meaning you can enjoy fresh and delicious coffee from biodegradable coffee pods that will break down in an industrial composting facility. That means recycling coffee pods is now easier than ever.

    Made from renewable resources

    Enjoy the machine you invested in without the consequences of creating plastic waste. Our range of compostable Nespresso®* and Lavazza A Modo Mio®* compatible capsules are derived from corn and are free from all genetically modified organisms (GMOs). They are also free from aluminium and petroleum based plastics. Finally, real certified compostable coffee pods that are positive for the environment. Enjoy all of your favourite blends and flavours from the fruity Supreme to the roasted almond notes of the Intense blend.

    Breaks down in 90 days

    Our range of compostable coffee pods have been rigorously tested and are TUV Certified (EN13432). The OK Compost certification, means the capsule can be industrially composted and will break down at temperatures of 60 degrees and over. Please check your local council for their organic waste regulations. If your council does not have a green waste bin, they can be disposed of in the normal waste. Given the pods are also biodegradable, they will break down in landfill over time.

    Please note: These pods are not designed for home composting.