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    St Remio began not just because of a love and passion for coffee, but for the need to create a product that had transparency in the Australian market. A product that went full circle back to the source and back to the communities that grow the product we know and enjoy each day.

    At St Remio we are all about family. We are determined to make a positive contribution to society, empowering farmers and the coffee growing community from around the world to not only improve their farming techniques, but their way of life. With our partners, Sustainable Harvest, we are making a difference, providing them with skills and knowledge to not only maximise the yield and therefore their earnings from the coffee plantations, but provide them with essential products to assist their families in their daily lives.

    One thing we will never compromise on at St Remio, is quality. We work closely with well-established roasters who for three generations have been sourcing and roasting the world’s finest coffee. We have been working with international barista champions to create the perfect blends and flavour profile for St Remio Caffe blends.

    At St Remio, the coffee is hand-picked once the cherries are ripe. It is labour intensive but ensures only the best beans are harvested each year producing the high quality cup experience you enjoy today.

    Each sip you take is changing the life of someone directly at the source.

    One Bean. One Cup. One Community.