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    Sustainable Harvest ® is a social enterprise and was founded in 1997 by David Griswold. Our partnership with Sustainable Harvest® means each time you purchase St Remio, you are choosing to empower the female coffee farmers in Rwanda and have a meaningful impact on their lives.

    Last financial year (2017/ 2018) your support helped provide the following resources to the female coffee producers in Rwanda:


    Agricultural Tools ( pruning, shears, pruning saws and sprayer)

    o   Helps to improve coffee production in terms of quality and quantity.

    o   Apply pesticides for pests and disease control.


    Livestock (goats and rabbits)

    o   Will increase income from sales of livestock descendants.

    o   Will provide organic manure to apply on coffee plots.

    o   Improve nutrition of family’s through rich proteins in meat consumption.


    Solar Lamps

    o   Most farmers have no electricity at home, therefore, these allow the ladies to walk home safely and not use petrol lamps.

    o   Increased savings as they will be used as the main source of light in the family home.

    o   Improved education for children studying at night.

    o   Social and environmental benefit.



    o   Provide comfortable bed and improved sleep.

    o   Protect the family from diseases generated from the ground.



    o   Socially improve the clothing quality and comfort

    o   Build women’s confidence


    Thank you to all  our valued customers for your support. You have helped make a positive difference at the source. This financial year we are working towards an even bigger goal which we will announce soon.

    We are more than just great coffee, we are coffee with a conscience.


    One Bean. One Cup. One Community.