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    We have sourced the latest technology to bring you the very best Nespresso* compatible capsules on the market. Enjoy the rich aroma and crema that comes from each St Remio Capsule.


    St Remio BRAZIL

    Taste the flavours of Brazil with St Remio's Nespresso* compatible capsule. This mid-strength blend features notes of fruit, nut and chocolate for a sweet and memorable coffee experience.

    This product proudly supports Sustainable Harvest.

    To purchase St Remio Brazil click here

    St Remio RWANDA

    A delicious aromatic, mid-strength blend, St Remio’s single origin Rwanda capsules feature a subtle citrus flavour. This single origin blend makes the perfect espresso or can be used as the base for a latte or cappuccino.

    This product proudly supports Sustainable Harvest.

    To purchase St Remio Rwanda click here

    St Remio COLOMBIA

    Step into the coffee fields of Colombia with St Remio’s single origin blend. For lovers of a strong coffee, this blend is perfect for you and features a taste profile of smooth chocolate with a subtle sweetness. The ideal espresso or base for latte.

    This product proudly supports Sustainable Harvest.

    To purchase St Remio Colombia click here

    We have sourced the highest quality herbs from around the world to create a high potency St Remio nutraceutical Nespresso* tea range. Each capsule contains fresh, loose leaf tea with no fillers, ensuring that you receive the best health benefits from every single capsule.

    St Remio DE-BLOAT TEA

    Our St Remio De-Bloat Tea promotes regularity and a flat stomach. Each capsule is filled with highly potent active ingredients such as fennel, green anise and cumin seeds which aid bloating, stomach spasms and aids fluid release.

    For best results, use a minimum of two capsules per day.

    To purchase St Remio De-Bloat Tea click here

    St Remio DIGEST TEA

    The St Remio Digest Tea capsules are filled with active antioxidants and soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients such as star anise, peppermint, orange balm, liquorice and verbena to help aid digestion.

    For best results, drink after each main meal.

    To purchase St Remio Digest Tea click here

    St Remio RELAX TEA

    St Remio Relax Tea is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day, or to enjoy as a time out in a stressful day. Each capsule is filled with a mix of active ingredients including bitter orange zest, hawthorn, chamomile and verbena which aim to assist with lowering blood pressure, relax muscles and assist in insomnia.

    The perfect way to finish your busy working day.

    To purchase St Remio Relax Tea click here


    Feeling low on energy? Our St Remio Vitality Tea is the perfect herbal pick-me-up. Each capsule contains highly active ingredients such as mate, ginseng root, seedless rosehip and guarana seeds to help improve your mental performance and clarity, assist with fatigue and give you the energy you need to take on each day.

    We recommend two capsules (morning and afternoon) to help maintain energy levels throughout the day.

    To purchase St Remio Vitality Tea click here


    The St Remio Nespresso* compatible capsules are compatible with virtually all Nespresso* machines and will not compromise the functionality of your machine in any way. If you own any of the below machines, your St Remio Nespresso* capsule is guaranteed to be the perfect fit for a perfect taste.

    • Creatista
    • Prodigio 
    • Citiz
    • U and U Milk
    • Inissia
    • Latissima Plus & Pro
    • Essenza
    • Le Cube
    • Maestria & Grand Maestria
    • Pixie
    • KitchenAid