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    This financial year, we will again be supporting the female farming co-operative of Cocagi, Rwanda with the purchase of additional 2 hectares of land, 8500 coffee plants, sunflower and banana plants.

    Last year, the project was hindered by unpredictable weather which destroyed some crops we purchased and COVID-19 hindered additional training for the female farmers. To ensure the project reaches its full potential, we are continuing the support of this co-operative, purchasing an additional 2 hectares of land, more coffee plants and fertilizers to prepare the land for both the coffee seedlings, but also for the sunflower and banana plants. This additional crops will allow the women to make money from the land while the coffee plantation is being established. 

    The farmers will undergo training to learn how to make sunflower oil and will be able to sell the bananas at markets to ensure income can be made directly from the land given the coffee plants take 3 years to establish before they are able to make any income from them. Diversification in farming is a practice taught by Rainforest Alliance to help farmers earn income and spread risk rather than rely solely on one crop and therefore one source of income. It means that should the farmers be faced with challenges in the year (just as Cocagi faced with unpredictable weather that destroyed their tomato crops), they still have another source of income.

    You can follow the progress throughout the year on our social channels and blogs and see how your purchase is helping us make a difference to this community. After all we are; One Bean. One Cup. One Community.