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    2018/2019 marked our first opportunity to fund a larger scale project for the female farming community of TUK, Rwanda.

    For many coffee farmers, they don’t understand the value of what they are growing, but also don’t know how coffee is consumed. For us, the ability to build a Cupping Lab with the support of Sustainable Harvest, allowed us to fund a project that would educate the female farmers in this co-operative about how coffee is consumed, how the taste it and grade it and empower them in business so they can sell their coffee to roasters or traders directly at a higher yield and therefore earn more for their families and community.

    By learning to cup their coffee, they also understand the desirable flavour profiles and are able to educate other farmers about different techniques that will allow them to grow a more valuable, sort after crop.

    The Cupping Lab was the final piece of infrastructure needed to empower the female farmers and give them the knowledge they needed to negotiate a fair market price.

    Chances are you will never meet the people who have cultivated your morning coffee, but know that by choosing St Remio, you are allowing us to invest in projects that have a lasting and powerful impact on these communities for generations to come.