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    New Year’s resolutions

    New Year’s resolutions

    January calls for a fresh new start, and in celebration of our nutraceutical tea range, featuring our Digest, De-bloat, Relax and Vitality capsules, we have come up with a few sure fire ways to kick start 2017 as healthy as ever.

    1)      Move! -  The more you move, the healthier you are. Walk, run, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Make this year about small decisions like this and you’ll get a big result- all while feeling great about yourself.


    2)      Nutraceutical tea- make smart decisions when it comes to what you put in your body, especially when it comes to liquids, as they tend to fall by the wayside. Nutraceutical teas have all kinds of benefits, helping you to relax, de-bloat, digest or gain just general wellness through vitality tea. See our range of St Remio tea’s and discover the benefits for yourself!


    3)      Meditation- take time to clear your head from all the unnecessary clutter we gain throughout the work week. Time to yourself is precious, and adds a sense of calm to your everyday. Meditation can be as simple as taking just 5 or 10 minutes a day to relax and unwind.


    4)      Sleep- Sleep is a big key to living a healthier and happier life! Not only does sleep guide weight loss, but also provides us with more energy, a better functioning body and a whole lot of happiness. As much as we say we love it, unfortunately not enough of us actually get enough! Aim for seven to eight hours a night- you’ll notice the difference.


    Happy New Year from St Remio

    Happy New Year from St Remio

    Happy New Year from the St Remio team! We hope 2017 brings exciting and fun prospects to all. For St Remio, 2017 means we will be working on new and exciting products as well as a great new range of stockists for both our nutraceutical tea and coffee range. This year will also see St Remio continue our work with Sustainable Harvest- an innovative program that empowers female coffee growing communities in Rwanda with the aim of educating and improving quality of life. 


    We look forward to another great year -bring it on!

    Christmas tiramisu

    Christmas tiramisu

    Hosting Christmas lunch this year? Put a spin on the usual desert offerings with this delicious Tiramisu, guaranteed to be a favorite with the family!


    -2 cups of strong, St Remio coffee

    -½ cup of Marsala (fortified wine)

    -3 eggs, separated

    -1/3 cup of caster sugar

    -250g mascarpone

    -300ml thickened cream, lightly whipped

    -1 large packet of sponge fingers (savoiadi)

    -cocoa, for dusting


    Pour St Remio coffee and marsala into a shallow dish. Set aside.

    Beat egg yolks and sugar into a large bowl with electric beaters until pale and thick. Add the mascarpone and whipped cream, mixing gently until just combined.

    Beat egg whites in a medium bowl with electric beaters until soft peaks form. Using a large metal spoon, gently fold eggwhites into the mascarpone mixture.

    Dip enough biscuits into the coffee mixture to cover the base of a 19cm square ceramic dish. Cover the biscuits with one-thirds of the mascarpone mixture. Repeat layers 2 times, ending with the cream. Cover the plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

    Dust generously with cocoa and serve. Variation: Marsala can be replaced with orange juice if preferred.



    We can’t get enough of coffee trivia, so here’s 6 more facts to get you through your day. Enjoy!

    • The world consumes close to 2.25 billion cups of coffee every day

    • The first webcam was created in Cambridge to check the status of a coffee pot
    • Drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee significantly improves the blood flow

    • There’s a coffee shop in France where not saying “hello” or “please” makes your coffee more expensive

    • New Yorkers drink almost 7 times more coffee than other cities in the US

    • One of the world’s most expensive coffee brands is made from the dung of Thai elephants 

    A coffee-and-tea lovers Christmas gift guide

    A coffee-and-tea lovers Christmas gift guide

    Whether your loved ones are at-home baristas, café regulars or veteran coffee brewers, our team has come up with 6 of the perfect gifts guaranteed to put a smile on their faces!

    WEDGWOOD Cuckoo Peach Teacup and Saucer $99


    There is nothing more thoughtful than replacing your Mum’s regular tea cups with fine china. Wrap this up with a bath bomb and some St Remio Relax Tea and we can 99.5% guarantee you will be her favourite child this Christmas!

    Shop here:

    Sunbeam Milk Frother $69

    Sunbeam Cafe Creamy prepares enough milk for two standard coffees. It's so easy to use too. Simply fill the non-stick 250mL capacity jug and select the creaminess mode you desire for the best hot chocolate or coffee you've ever tasted! The Sunbeam Café Creamy is the perfect for people who love their morning coffee (and who doesn’t!?)

    Shop here:


    Typo Tea-riffic travel mug $17

    A cool and quirky gift for your loved ones who are on the run, this tea-riffic travel mug is as fun as it is cute. Not only is it spill proof (something our team definitely needs at HQ) but you can get creative and make your own printed inserts to suit your mood!

    Shop here:

    Breville Smart Grinder $249

    Grind your St Remio beans in style with the Breville Smart Grinder! With an LCD Display and the brains to change your dose whenever you change the grind, your gift recipient will certainly finish off 2016 in coffee heaven.

    Shop here:

    Lavazza A Modo Mio Fantastia Capsule Coffee Machine $264

    One of our favorite coffee machines ever! Perfect for your St Remio capsules, this sleek-looking appliance serves both hot and cold milk recipes thanks to the integrated milk function. Slow and drowsy mornings no more!

    Shop here:


    Crest Nespresso Pod Holder $14

    Gifting someone our Coffee or Tea pods for Christmas? Why not throw in a very handy pod holder and save your parents, siblings or in-laws the strenuous task of finding a place to store them all. You’ll be their favourite in no time.  

    Shop here: