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    5 Ways to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee (More sustainably!)

    5 Ways to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee (More sustainably!)

    Turkish? Pour-over? French press? Among coffee connoisseurs, the best method for making an exquisite cup of coffee is a matter of intense debate. But one thing is for sure: Coffee is better when it’s good—when beans are grown and harvested more sustainably, in ways that protect ecosystems and worker well-being.

    No matter what method you choose, knowing the coffee comes from a healthy ecosystem sets the stage for a perfect morning treat. 

    How to treat your responsibly grown coffee beans

    Store your beans in a glass or ceramic container with a rubber gasket. Contrary to popular belief, you should keep coffee beans at room temperature (not in the fridge). It should go without saying that you must grind your own beans each morning—experts say that you have about 5 minutes after grinding before the coffee starts getting stale.

    The pour-over

    It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Just pour some water over grounds in one of those beaker-like carafes? Not so fast. The expert technicians at the Oakland, California, based coffee roaster Blue Bottle recommend first wetting the paper filter completely with just-boiled water. Next, you place the grounds in the filter and use a light, consistent pour to moisten the grounds—then stop! Wait 30 seconds to allow the coffee to “bloom.” Pour the remaining hot water over the grounds slowly. Like, really slowly. You should be pouring so slowly that it takes a full four minutes for the water to drip down into the base of the flask.

    French press

    For the French press, Serious Eats recommends the coarsest grounds possible to reduce the muddy sediment at the bottom. Scoop them into the carafe and add just-boiled water, giving it a gentle but thorough stir. Wait 30-45 seconds—again, to allow the coffee to “bloom.” You’ll know it’s time to place the lid on when most of the coffee has sunk to the bottom. Wait 6-8 minutes, then plunge gently, pour, and drink up!

    Stovetop espresso maker, the moka pot

    Yes, even this traditional Mediterranean device has given rise to a set of specialized instructions. Stumptown, the famed Portland coffee purveyor, recommends that you first boil water in a kettle, as you don’t want the moka pot to get too hot and impart metallic flavors; you then pour the hot water into the bottom half of the espresso maker. Insert the basket and fill it with fine grounds, then screw the two parts together (you must somehow remember to use an oven mitt before having caffeinated yourself, to prevent burning yourself on the base that you've just filled with boiling water). Brew on moderate heat with the lid open. Once the stream of liquid bubbling forth is the color of yellow honey, remove from heat and close lid. Wrap the bottom in a chilled bar towel or run it under water to stop the extraction. Pour immediately.

    Cold-brewed coffee

    For many, iced coffee is a cherished summertime pick-me-up, but if you want to do it right, you’ll need 12-24 hours (and you thought the pour-over method was slow!). Stir coffee grounds and water in a pitcher, cover, and let steep a minimum of 12 hours; when the brew is ready, strain it, and store it in the refrigerator for another 2 hours.


    Like other methods, brewing Turkish coffee calls for its own set of tools, including a lovely little cup called a finca and a small brass pot known as a cezve. Boiling the grounds—which should be finer even than those for espresso—together with water makes this thick brew. Traditionally, a cup of water is served with Turkish coffee to clear the palate before partaking in the delicious dark concoction (hipster coffee snobs have nothing on the Ottomans). Be sure not to drink the grounds at the bottom of the cup—you’ll need them to tell your fortune (and if you don’t know the ancient art of reading coffee grounds, never fear—there’s an app for that!).


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    Café Series - Ovolo Hotel and Lona Misa

    Café Series - Ovolo Hotel and Lona Misa

    We are so excited to be the coffee partner for the Ovolo Hotel South Yarra and Lona Misa restaurant. We spoke to Jaqui Rosenstengel the Food & Beverage General Manager to learn more about how the new venue and how the brand aligns with St Remio.

    What can guests expect when they visit?

    A fun & unique dining experience, great service, fabulous vibes.

    Ovolo South Yarra blends past, present and future. The hotel is a place where retro chic and pop art collide. Taking its design cues from the days of disco, rock gods and retro glamour. The vibe is bold, creative, and unpredictable. All mods, zero cons: Ovolo South Yarra brings a fresh injection of energy into Melbourne’s -hottest cultural destination.

    Lona Misa is a rebellious renaissance from root to stem. Enter a timeless scene with Latin loved persuasions to revel amongst friends, to siesta, or simply sit and pass the time. By day stop by for a casual bite, coffee, or fresh juice in the café. By night stay for something a little more, a lively Latin bar and dining experience boasting a heavily vegan menu with vegetarian options.

    What made you choose St Remio Coffee?

    Great quality coffee & broad range of products. Ethically sourced coffee beans & a company that celebrates the people behind their great product.

    Is sustainability important to you?

    Yes. Sustainability helps us to improve the quality of our lives and the diversity of life in our ecosystem. We should practice sustainable living and encourage others to do the same as well. 

     What is your go-to coffee and how many do you drink a day?

    Long Black – about 3 a day 😊

    What is the restaurants signature dish(s)?

    I can recommend all dishes on the menu! But our most popular ones are definitely the 

    • Tamales Chicken Tomatillo
    • Roasted Pedron & Manchego Croquettes
    • Peri-Peri Cauliflower
    • Oyster Mushroom Ceviche

    What is your life motto or the best piece of advice you ever received?

    If you want to remember something, make sure you write it down!


    If you are in desperate need for a stay-cay, why not check out the new Ovolo Hotel South Yarra and Lona Misa. You won't be disappointed! 

    Ovolo Hotel South Yarra Website & Instagram

    Lona Misa Website & Instagram

    Coffee Facts: Part 4

    Coffee Facts: Part 4

    Need a break from the daily grind? Take some time out and enjoy part 4 of our coffee facts! We also give you permission to claim them as your own at tomorrows morning meeting.

    1. In ancient times, an Arab women could in fact legally divorced her husband if he did not provide her with enough coffee.
    2. Coffee was discovered when shepherds noticed their goats were "dancing."
    3. The world record for most coffee consumption is 82 cups of coffee in 7 hours.
    4. Finland drinks the most coffee per capita. Australia is ranked number 28.
    5. There’s a tourist agency for people wanting to take coffee vacations called Cafe Away – we know who will be calling to organise our next trip!
    6. Coffee can also be used as a moisturiser and a fertiliser!

    New Year’s resolutions

    New Year’s resolutions

    January calls for a fresh new start, and in celebration of our nutraceutical tea range, featuring our Digest, De-bloat, Relax and Vitality capsules, we have come up with a few sure fire ways to kick start 2017 as healthy as ever.

    1)      Move! -  The more you move, the healthier you are. Walk, run, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Make this year about small decisions like this and you’ll get a big result- all while feeling great about yourself.


    2)      Nutraceutical tea- make smart decisions when it comes to what you put in your body, especially when it comes to liquids, as they tend to fall by the wayside. Nutraceutical teas have all kinds of benefits, helping you to relax, de-bloat, digest or gain just general wellness through vitality tea. See our range of St Remio tea’s and discover the benefits for yourself!


    3)      Meditation- take time to clear your head from all the unnecessary clutter we gain throughout the work week. Time to yourself is precious, and adds a sense of calm to your everyday. Meditation can be as simple as taking just 5 or 10 minutes a day to relax and unwind.


    4)      Sleep- Sleep is a big key to living a healthier and happier life! Not only does sleep guide weight loss, but also provides us with more energy, a better functioning body and a whole lot of happiness. As much as we say we love it, unfortunately not enough of us actually get enough! Aim for seven to eight hours a night- you’ll notice the difference.


    Happy New Year from St Remio

    Happy New Year from St Remio

    Happy New Year from the St Remio team! We hope 2017 brings exciting and fun prospects to all. For St Remio, 2017 means we will be working on new and exciting products as well as a great new range of stockists for both our nutraceutical tea and coffee range. This year will also see St Remio continue our work with Sustainable Harvest- an innovative program that empowers female coffee growing communities in Rwanda with the aim of educating and improving quality of life. 


    We look forward to another great year -bring it on!